Getting in and around campus and navigating the bustling student life is made easy at CKT-UTAS. We understand that transportation plays a crucial role in your university experience.

There are a range of convenient options to ensure you can travel safely and efficiently.

Taxis and tricycles

When it comes to travelling to and from campus, we understand the importance of convenient transportation options. Along the main road adjacent to our campus, you will find taxis and tricycles readily available for your commuting needs.

Simply stand by the roadside, and you can easily hail a taxi or tricycle to reach your destination.

Please note that these transportation services are not provided by the university directly, but they are a convenient and accessible option for students.

As you utilize these services, we encourage you to prioritize your safety by choosing authorized taxis and tricycles and adhering to road safety guidelines

Motor Bikes and Bicycles:

For those who prefer an agile and eco-friendly mode of transportation, motorbikes and bicycles are excellent choices.

Our campus provides dedicated parking areas and bike racks to accommodate these options. Explore the convenience and freedom of navigating campus on two wheels, enjoying quicker commutes and the added benefits of exercise and reduced environmental impact.

University Shuttle:

To further enhance your transportation experience, we offer a reliable and convenient university shuttle service. Our shuttle operates on designated routes, making regular stops at key locations in and around campus.

This service ensures that you can effortlessly move between different buildings, student residences, parking lots, and other popular destinations within the university at a subsidized cost.

Safety First

At CKT-UTAS, your safety is our utmost priority. When using any mode of transportation, it is crucial to prioritize safety and follow these guidelines:

Obey Traffic Rules:

Whether you’re on a motorbike, bicycle, or walking, always adhere to traffic regulations, including speed limits, traffic signals, and pedestrian crossings.

Be aware of your surroundings and exercise caution at all times.

Wear Protective Gear:

If you choose to ride a motorbike or bicycle, wearing appropriate protective gear, such as helmets, is essential for your safety.

Make sure your gear is in good condition and properly fitted to provide maximum protection.

Secure Your Belongings:

When using motorbikes or bicycles, always secure your belongings properly.

Use locks and other security measures to deter theft and ensure the safety of your personal items.

Stay Visible:

Whether you’re walking, cycling, or riding a motorbike, ensure you are visible to others.

Wear bright or reflective clothing, especially during low-light conditions, and use lights or reflectors on your bike or motorbike.

Be Mindful of Pedestrians:

As a responsible transportation user, respect pedestrians’ right of way and exercise caution when passing or sharing pathways with them.

Slow down and give pedestrians ample space to ensure their safety.

Remember, safe transportation practices not only protect you but also contribute to a safer and more harmonious campus environment.

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